we build better beverage business.


we build better beverage business.


Pure and simple, we pursue professional excellence, increased sales and healthy profits for our clients. Partnership and perfection are our watchwords, whether we’re collaborating with you to craft a collection of new-classic cocktails, structure a winning server incentive promotion or provide operational consulting to your outlet managers. We are champions of service and quality. That has made us industry leaders in the on-premise hospitality channel, supplier community and with the distributor networks we serve. 

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Beverage marketing and consulting agency serving chain hospitality operators since 1990.

Largest client-customized beverage program management organization in the hospitality segment.

Pioneers in developing creativity-meets-technology solutions that drive sales, margins and operational superiority.

Proven track record for creating innovative, effective spirits, beer, wine and nonalcoholic beverage programs that consistently exceed client expectations.


we manage.

we manage.

For 25 years, we’ve maintained a singular focus: to manage in the best interests of our clients. We exist as an extension, a partner—there to simplify the complex, to be transparent, to offer a unique perspective that goes beyond the bottom line...but is always completely aligned with you.

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Through our core values of teamwork, integrity, service and professionalism, we move your staff to sell and your guests to purchase. We accomplish this inside a framework of open accounting policies and a decision not to accept placement fees; taking that stand has built our reputation in the industry. We offer recommendations with the care and responsibility you would expect from a company that specializes in alcoholic beverages. We expect the same from our clients, their management and the bartenders and wait staffs who serve these products. Rely on us to listen well and develop a comprehensive, A-Z beverage marketing program—or any of the parts in between—that fully meets your needs.

Beverage Marketing Fund Management
Operational + Service Consulting
Bartender + Server Training


we create.

we create.

The most promising concepts rarely entice if crafted in haste. We are, rather, makers who consider and curate, grounding ambition with method and enhancement with purpose.


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IMI builds pairings, engages to inform, inspires to elevate. We make it fresh...yet familiar. Our goal is to over-deliver on the food and beverage experience in your bar, restaurant or hotel environment. Dedicated to the hospitality industry, IMI provides ideation, design and execution of award-winning marketing, merchandising, promotional and incentive campaigns.

Design + Ideation
Brand Development
Photography + Videography
Promotional Concepts + Materials
Menu Development
Production + Fulfillment


we inspire.

we inspire.

Creative ideas result from consistently exercising the imagination. We develop promotions that align with the brand but speak to the guest. Whether it's a value proposition, a new offering or a featured favorite, we aim to provide a unique experience that drives sales, inspires the client to take on new challenges and cultivates a relationship between client and guest. Being creative isn't something we offer; it's in everything we do.

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One inspired act almost always begets another. But to truly understand inspiration requires exploring the nature of motivation. We tap into the infectious aspects of sharing, peel back the challenges of learning and boil down selling to its essence. Our mission is to seek the engaging...the delicious....and the sometimes daunting to find meaning and discover the why.

Trend Research
Social Media Strategy
Digital Marketing Support
Training + Certification


we automate.

we automate.

It’s a noble pursuit, coupling efficiency and mastery. The goal is to produce results in a way that transcends merely being fast while approaching the nirvana of repeatable simplicity. This is our approach to pioneering preparedness...helping you see the future clearly through knowing your past, so that you have the right tool just at your fingertips the moment it’s needed.

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Hospitality technology and big data, when leveraged effectively, can mean the difference between staying ahead of the curve and constantly playing catch up. We believe innovation must save time, provide better results and cost less than the alternative. There is a plethora of systems available both within and outside the industry to help automate backend processes for bar and restaurant operations. We’ve collected the shiniest and best—from menu management and promotion execution to local hospitality laws and interactive learning initiatives—to put at your disposal.

Data Analysis
Custom Menu Systems
Interactive Training
iManage Suite of Services
Online Promotion Tracking + Gamification

See what we've been working on lately...

iManagePROMO can become the backbone of your beverage program and a key tool to manage corporate and optional promotions. Check out the video!

Learn how iManageDATA, with restaurant data mining and analysis, can bring it all together.


we mix.

we mix.

A beautiful chaos ensues when disparate elements come together in a common cause. We know how to harness the potential of diversity and varying perspective, weighing the impact of the singular on the whole. We infuse, we distill, we produce spectacular harmony.

IMI is an invaluable partner... helping us to drive beverage growth and margin while building our beverage program value considerably over the years.
— Mary Melton | PF Chang's

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Creating and delivering well-conceived promotions starts with envisioning, then facilitating ideal partnerships between suppliers and vendors. It’s about marrying carefully selected brands with the most appropriate establishments or events such that the two are indistinguishable, yet uniquely individual. The art, and the magic, reside in our process, our people and our network. They shine through every project executed, as we strive to build relationships that outlive a single effort and ultimately help define our clients’ brands.

Drink Development
Bar Operations + Strategy
BarSmarts Training




we connect.

we connect.

The ties that bind ultimately make us both stronger...and make our collaboration unique. A focus on building powerful, workable relationships underpins our expertise as professionals, defines our role as your partner and allows unexpected opportunity to flourish.

We invite you to with...and let us show what we can do for and with you.



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+ Executive

Larry McGinn | President
Don Billings | Chairman + CEO
Sherry King | Chief Financial Officer
Celeste Dinos | Vice President, Operations

+ Operations

Amanda Miles | Project Manager
Connie Allen | Administrative Coordinator
Jaclyn Mitchum | Project Manager
Kelly Tenedini | Project Manager
Lauren Laviola | Executive Director, C.O.R.E.
Lisa Mooney | Administrative Assistant
Nicole Walton | Project Coordinator
Sarah Wilburn | Project Manager

+ accounting

Cindy Mullins | Bookkeeper
Tina Nalazek | Senior Accountant

+ Accounts

Anna Oliver | Account Manager
Bill McClure | Director, Beverage Category Management
Brandon Wise | Corporate Director of Beverage
Hilary Leister | Beverage Project Coordinator
Jason Lawrence | Beverage Account Director
Mark Greenhalgh | Account Manager
Patrick McGinn | Senior Account Manager
Sarah Hojnacki Murphy | Account Manager
Sherri Nadeau | Senior Account Manager, Business Development

+ Marketing

Ashley Collins | Designer
Colleen Sisler | Digital Marketing + Production Manager
Jason Page | Creative Director
Mike Raven | Managing Editor, in The Mix
Tonya Rains | Creative Services Manager

+ Dev + Data

Adam Billings | Director, Technology + Innovation
Rachel Morgan | Information Technology Manager